The Positive Doodle Diary

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The Positive Doodle Diary for kids is a bright and colourful mindful gratitude journal designed to help a child thrive through creativity.

The Positive Doodle Diary uses daily doodling and simple journaling to encourage creativity, self-expression and mindfulness. It’s full of lots of different activities that help children explore and experiment with themes of confidence, resilience, kindness and even self-care!

What’s inside:

  • Daily Dear Diary pages with space to write about how they feel, reflect on what to remember about their day as well as sections for self-care and gratitude
  • Daily Doodle Diary pages with space for free doodling
  • Daily positive affirmations for mindful colouring along with related exercises for self-care and positivity
  • Gentle breathwork and yoga exercises designed especially for children
  • A ‘how to use this book’ section for children
  • A chapter for adults including messages from our expert collaborators and also the science behind the Doodle Diary. 

Who it’s for: 

The Doodle is perfect for children aged 5-10 years old. If they’re old enough, they can work on it alone or you can join in with them. Modelling behaviour to children is so important, so why not get involved and pick yourself up a Positive Planner!

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